Date: Dec 05

Dominatrix Transformed into a submissive Big Tit Fembot Slut Dominatrix Mikayla expects to discipline a new client vigorously... However, nothing goes to plan. Instead of her disciplining a client... The client disciplines her by turning her into a robot and making her his submissive Big Tit Bitch!



Date: Nov 30

The Doctor is not In... The Master is Dr. Carmen Valentina arrives to administer to the Master, but it is the Master who will play Doctor with her Mind and Body! The Doctor has Mentally checked out... and Physically checked in... Her Pussy is wet for her Master!



Date: Nov 25

Training My Big Tit Principal To Do My Homework & Fuck Me The Principal should never question The Master. When she has the audacity to question why The Master is in the Teacher's Lounge, The Master uses his special Power to make her his Personal Principal Fembot. Now all principal Richelle wants to do is please The Master. She begs him to fuck her in the ass! The Master takes complete advantage of her making sure she will always do his homework... Always get all A's. Always complete any sexual assignment he gives her.



Date: Nov 20

Jessica's lover has decided she doesn't do enough to please him... So he decides to take matters into his own hands. He quickly has her do what ever he wants. He is now the Master. When he releases her she is horrified and does not know what happened.



Date: Nov 15

Malfunctioning Fembot!!! A Psycho-Sexual Experience. Every once in a while The Master gets a Fembot that doesn't take quite right to his procedure... It turns them a bit Sexual Psychopathic In Tory's case all she wants to do is please The Master... To make the Master Cum all over her...



Date: Nov 10

She Lives & is Trained Only to Obey The Master owns a Sexy Half-Filipina Beauty fembot. Now she will obey his every command! She will Jump, Orgasm, even bark like a ! She lives only to serve The Master.



Date: Nov 05

Layla has just got back to her apartment with a guy she has picked up from the club. She expects to have some hot sex and in the morning the guy will be gone! What she doesn't expect is the man she picked up will turn her into a robot and do what he wants with her. She will have no control over her body! When he finally leaves after using her for his perverted desires, she is left feeling vulnerable, used, and not entirely sure what just happened to her.



Date: Oct 31

The Master's Fembot Shane is under his spell obeying every command and wish he can conceive. The Master trains her deeper and deeper into his all consuming power! Shane has no more free will... She is subjet to only The Master's desire's a husk, an empty shell.. A Robot.







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