Date: May 19

Big Tit Fembot with an Urge to be Ravished by her Master Busty Perky Alura has arrived for her Audition. She is made to strip & grope her amazingly Large Tits for Masters Pleasure. Then he makes her give herself an orgasm. Sometimes he will Freeze her right before her Orgasm, withhold her pleasure as she begs with her eyes.



Date: May 14

Big Tit Mikayla sees a very expensive necklace just sitting on a tool cabinet... She decides looks really nice maybe I can keep it. So she tries it on. Instantly her mind is possessed by a foreign entity that calls itself the Master! She will do whatever the Master in the necklace tells her too. She is now it's Fembot Slave!



Date: May 09

Tanner is late for The Master's class... Big Mistake for Tanner! Master captivates her and transforms her with his godlike power! Tanner is now the Master's Robotic Super Slut... Eager to please!



Date: May 04

FEMBOT ACADEMY TRAINING PROGRAM-- STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTION Now you can see the Full Course Schedule as We show you How we Train Ordinary Women To Become Full Fembots at our Special FEMBOT ACADEMY!!! We show you our special award winning course Step By Step! Transforming Ordinary Woman in Lustful Obedient Fembots!!!



Date: Apr 29

Fortunetellers Folly... Now Madison is The Master's Slut Madison tells fortunes for a living... Apparently though she isn't good enough to predict The Master's arrival... or she might have tried to run. Now she is his Fembot Slut Forever! She will be trained into the perfect sex machine!



Date: Apr 24

Lyra is subverted to be Master's Robot Slave Lyra is a secretary trying to do a good job in her office... But then the Master arrives with his mind controlling wand. Lyra is is forced to become subservient to the master... Telling master all she wants to do to him!



Date: Apr 19

Chloe should have maybe wondered where her ring had gotten off to before she decided to put the one she found on the table onto her hand... Instantly her mind goes slack and she is the perfect little Fembot. She will do whatever the ring tells her, including worshiping a Cock with her Mouth and Hands!



Date: Apr 14

Miss Bliss is concerned about her student's grades dropping... She insists he stay after class to work on his school problems. Miss Bliss is definitely the hottest teacher in school and her student knows this will be the perfect opportuninty to make her his slut...







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