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Date: Feb 03 2023

Two Big Tit Fembots Fight & Orgasm For The Right to Serve their Master The Master wants some new Fembot who are ready to protect and Serve him. He wants to know which Fembot is the Strongest and the Sexiest... So he makes them fight to Serve him. The Fembots Fight! Then at the command of The Master get horny as he makes them rub each other tits and dry hump each others legs!


Date: Jan 28 2023

Two extremely Busty Tough Femdom Cops are on the Hunt for the Master... But the Master is also on the Hunt for them!The Master tricks them into looking at his Mesmerizing ID Card... And then they are his to do with as he pleases. He decides to make them orgasm again and again! Then he Makes them stroke his Cock until he blows a load all over them! Afterwards he sends them back to his house to be his personal Security force.


Date: Jan 23 2023

Fembot Professor Lacie threatens to fail The Master out of her class... It's not going to happen. The Master subverts her to his will. Then The Master makes her into his little trainable teacher. Her makes her lust and beg for the Masters cock to be inside her pussy and ass. Then he sends her back to his house to do his chores. Lacie should not have talked back to The The Master.


Date: Jan 18 2023

Fembot job interview. Sexy Olivia shows up for a job interview where the Master makes her bounce her Big Meaty Tits & Spead her Fat Labia Lips... She is ready to be fucked


Date: Jan 14 2023

I'm not very Neighborly... I turn my Neighbors into my Sluts on Command. MP4 High Resolution My two hot neighbors came over to pay me a visit. I've always wanted to make them do naughty things to me! And Each other! I mesmerize them, then make one of them whip the other, touch each others's tits, and best of all fuck each other!!!


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