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Date: Oct 16 2019

Alexis arrives to what seh thins is going to be a dance audition. It is a audition of sorts... but not a dance audition! The Master makes her audition to be his personal slut


Date: Oct 11 2019

I turned My prospective Boss into a Robot! Nyomi thinks she is about to conduct an interview to hire a new Employee to her company. Little does she know that it's the Master she is about to interview and that he is about to become her Boss! The Master transforms her into a mindless Robots who will do only what he says! She will orgasm on command. She will prepare to be fucked on Command. All according to the Master's will!


Date: Oct 06 2019

Alexis is waiting to meet her neighbor when she spots a entrancing ring sitting on the end table. She decides it can't hurt for her to try on such a gorgeous ring... Too bad for her When she puts on the ring it enslaves her to it's demands! Now she can only obey the dirty thoughts projected by the ring!


Date: Oct 01 2019

Unassuming Eva & Richelle find some nice Headphones just sitting on the table. They decide to try them on. Oops!!! As soon as they put on the Headphones they are The Master's Puppets!


Date: Sep 26 2019

Super Heroine Sisters Forced to Make out and Orgasm by The World's Greatest Super Villian Super Heroine Sisters Mikayla and Alura are on the Hunt for the Master. Alura has hunted for the master but she got caught, ensnared, and humiliated... forced to endure the Master's humiliating designs! How she escaped is a mystery... But it can be assumed that The Master let her go so she would be stupid enough to bring her sexy Big Tit Sister right into his lair. Sure enough she does! Now The Master has both big tit sisters to do with as he Pleases! He makes them do Very Naughty Taboo things to each other


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