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Date: Jul 13 2019

Jasmeen wonders where her special ring has gotten to. As she walks into her living room she spots it on the table... What she doesn't realize is that a Entity known as The Master has gotten hold of her ring and programed it to make her do Very Naughty Things!


Date: Jul 08 2019

Step-Daddy is my Master.


Date: Jun 28 2019

GIANT MARSHMALLOW TIT TEACHER IS DETAINED BY THE MASTER The Master is late for detention in Ms. Notty's class... Little does she know she is the one about to be in detention. The Master takes her to his special place where he makes her squeeze fondle her gigantic marshmallow tits. At this point she is so horny for master she obeys his every command!!


Date: Jun 23 2019

2 Superheroines have have entered The Master's Domain in order to put a stop to his evil ways...He finds women and turns them into fembots, then makes them do all his Sexual Biddings.. Afterwards he makes them clean his house and do chores. Unfortunately for The Dynamic Duo.. The Master has Proven to be too crafty for them!!! He then makes them makeout and fuck each other!!!


Date: Jun 13 2019

My Mom was angry at me for not doing my chores properly... So I got mad and used my Special Magic Powers to Transform her into my Personal Sexbot! I think I must have the absolute Hottest Mom on the Planet! I've always wanted to see what she looks like when she orgasms again and again at my every command!!! I am Her Master Now!!


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